The Exciting Alec Henderson

Alec Henderson

The Exciting Alec Henderson is a pop album featuring 11 songs that I had recorded in Nashville but wasn't ready to release. This could be considered "Alec Henderson 2017" part 2, but it is very different from anything else I've put out. Maybe I was embarrassed or insecure at the time, or questioning what kind of "image" I wanted to put forward. Now this album is my attempt to stop trying to make songs something other than what they are - noises that are fun and emotional and enjoyable to listen to. And as a DIY artist, I can do whatever I want! The reason I make albums is because they are fun to make, and it's with that spirit I present "The Exciting Alec Henderson". There are two instrumentals and three songs where I'm not even playing guitar. "Be Your Guard" was previously released and deleted in 2015, "Dreaming" was recorded in 2015 during my ukulele phase, and the rest of the songs were recorded in 2017 in my apartment in Nashville. I'm not even actually singing in "Lasers In The Night" and "Every Dream Comes Back To You". "Words Of Love I Leave Behind" and "Dreaming" are sunshine pop songs and I consider them to be the theme of the album. You will find many themes throughout the album - being alone, spending time on your phone, the pressure of writing lyrics for the world to see, and of course love. This album didn't need to exist, but now it does and I hope you enjoy!

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