Spring time is here and the music is playing

Hello everyone. Forgive me for completing forgetting about this section of my website. Happy spring! This is one of those times where it feels like things ARE getting better, and that's a nice feeling. I've been keeping busy, and things have been going good. I started playing in Johnstown, picked up a couple new gigs, and I got to experience first hand the reopening of Speal's Tavern! Good stuff! You can find me at Speal's Tavern every Thursday at 7pm for their acoustic open mic (yours truly is their new host and I still couldn't be more honored to be their Thursday night guy). You can also find me every Tuesday at Unity Brewing in Latrobe at 6pm. If you have never been to Unity Brewing (on rt30), I strongly implore you to check it out - it's an inspiringly creative and artistic atmosphere with the best beer you will ever find around here, check it out! Last but not least, earlier today I booked a recording session with Daniel Blake at Schoolhouse Recording Studio - so no I have not forgotten to make this album - yes I am very excited. God bless! See you soon!