Back in PA! Got to play on Broadway!

I'm back home in Greensburg, PA, and it was such a great trip to Nashville. Out of sheer luck I reconnected with a friend from when I lived down there in 2017-2018. We stopped into Rippy's and I hear "that's Alec Henderson" into the mic, and it freaked me out! It was David Isenberg! David and I played open mics together years ago and now he's playing full time on Broadway! He invited me up on stage and I sang the Joker by Steve Miller Band - my first time playing on Broadway! We met up with him the next day and he invited me up on stage again. It was such a blast. Keep grinding David - I can't even imagine! Thank you again! Now we're back into my normal schedule - I'll see you Tuesday at Unity Brewing for open mic, 6pm, and Thursday at Speal's Tavern for open mic, 7pm! This weekend (Jan 27 and 28) I'm playing at Carson's Tavern in Scottdale on Friday, 7pm, and Major Stokes in Greensburg on Saturday, 7pm. Back in the swing of things! I hope to see you around!