Due to increasing vocal strain and the concern of risking permanent damage, I have made an appointment with a doctor to look at my vocal chords and I will be clearing my entire calendar through October and November. My appointment is at the end of October and I would like to give myself the best chance possible to have a good outcome. Vocal chords are a scary thing to mess with and I need the rest. I will also be highly limiting any speaking during these months, giving myself a true vocal rest. Being a solo acoustic act is one of the most challenging things to do as a musician, but I love it and I want to do it until I’m an old man. Therefore, it’s time for a break.
I will be in contact with venues and musicians to fill the 16 gigs I have in Oct-Nov. I will still be playing this week to finish September but after that I will be off until December, if the doctor approves that timeline.
Here is my last week for a while:
Thursday open mic at Speal’s Tavern, New Alexandria, 7pm
Friday at Thirty’s Craft Pizza & Beers, Latrobe, 6pm 
Saturday at Chapel Hill Wines, Dawson, 3pm
And just for curiosity - not counting any open mics - in 2021 I played 109 shows, in 2022 I played 125 shows, and in 2023, to date, I’ve played 102 shows. Those who have joined me on this wild Westmoreland County PA journey, those who come out and listen to me sing and play, you mean the world to me and you are the reason I do this. Here’s to the future!